The meeting for March was held on the 18th, when there was a fine display, comprising fine collections of flowering plants, from Jas. Ritchie, Jno. Lambert, Robert Buist, A. M. Eastwick, and J. D. Fulton - Cut flowers, Designs, Boquets, etc. Extensive collections of vegetables were shown by-several gardeners. A vote of thanks was accorded to Charles Downing, for a copy of the "Architecture of Country Houses, by A. J. Downing."

The stated meeting for April was held on the 15th. The displays of plants and forced vegetables, were very fine, and furnished from six green-houses and a number of hot-beds. A few only of the most interesting plants from each contribution will be noticed. Among those from F. Lennig, were Gardenia Stanleyana, Franciscca hydrangeae formis, and Columnea Scheideana, rare, and which attracted much attention. From Peter Mackenzie, were Silene rosea gracea and Crepis Drummondii of recent introduction, Pansies, Roses, and a beautiful display of Camellias; of the latter, a flower of his seedling of this year, named "Jenny Lind," a perfect gem, and was much admired. From Robert Buist, were specimens of a new plant new, Azaleas, Cereas and Hyacinths. From Miss Gratz, Campanula nobilis, Azalea indica, rubra and Pelargonia. From James Ritchie, a choice selection of Roses and Pansies. Some beautiful specimens of cut Ranunculus were shown from James McGowan, Mt. Airy.

The only description of fruits shown, were Apples. By James Jackson, Quackertown, a seedling of merit. By Dr. Brinckle, from Chas. Carpenter, Kelly's Island, Lake Eric, "Carpenter's No. 2" - from A. Fahnestock, Syracuse, N. Y., "Northern Spy." By John Perkins, Monmouth and Newtown Pippins and Tewks-bury winter blush.

The vegetable department consisted of three collections from Joseph Ripkat, Manayunck; from Miss Gratz, and from the garden of the Insane hospital.

A vote of thanks was accorded to Dr. Jno. M. Sharpless for the gift of a collection of Seeds from Cairo, Egypt. Tho. P. James, Rec. Secretary.