The stated meeting of this Society was held in the Chinese Saloon, on Tuesday evening, August 17th. Br. W. D. Brickie, V. P.. in the chair.

There has not been at any former meeting for this month, to line a display of fruits as on this occasion; the competition was unusually spirited, and the committee for awarding premiums seldom have had their powers of discrimination so thoroughly tested. In Grapes there were some ten contributors, who presented such specimens us have rarely graced the tables of the Society. The Black Hamburgh variety was in the greatest prolusion, and the White Nice most beautiful. Of Nectarines, the Red Roman, Eiruge, New White andNewhiglou varieties were shown. The dishes of Plums were very numerous, and of many varieties; among them were the Reiue Claude, Flushing Gage, Maguumbonum, Gwalsh, Washington, MirabeUe. Mammoth. Bingham, and other kinds. The table of Pears was a beautiful sight; the specimens were perfect and in great variety. The apples ill most instances remarkably fine, and of many kinds.

This exhibition denotes a most fruitful season, and is the harbinger of a rich display next mown, at the American Pomological Congress, and the grand Autumnal of the Society, both of which will occur during the week com* meucing with the 17th.

The collection of plants shown were very interesting.

Peter McKeuzies, contained very many choice Fuch-nas, Gloxinias, Geraniums, Verlieuas, etc.

Caleb Cope's bad several recently introduced plants, am were shown for the first time - Oldenlandia Deppei. Franciscea Villosa, Gloxinia Madame de Sombriel ana G. Napoleon, and beautifu1 specimens of Russeli Juurea, Achimeuas Venurta and grandiflora. Also a cut flower of the Victoria Regia, the 83d from the same plant, and seen for the first in its second stage of growth, and a design among the flowers ornamenting the same were 3 specimens of the Cereus glancus, (new,) and beautiful baskets of exotic and indigenous flowers. In John Lambelt's collection were fine plants of Pentas caniea, Roses, Hydrangeas, Acacias, etc.

Mr. Buist exhibited a beautiful cut flower of the Victoria, grown in a tank at his premises, Rosedale, Kingseses-ing, expressly erected for the purpose; the seed came from Mr. Cop's plant.

The Boquel designs, and Baskets, were very handsome and creditable. The vegetable tables groaned with their great weight, which contained specimens of the finest growth, exhibiting skill in the cultivators. A new variety of salad attracted ntteutiou from its speckled appearance, called the Speckled Salad of Austria - "Forelle Korf Sa-fol," raised in the open ground, from seed brought from Viennia, by Dr. J. Rhea Barton.

The Fruit Committee submitted a very interesting ed interim report of objects shown to them since the lust stated meeting.