The stated meeting of this association was held in the Chinese Saloon, Philadelphia, on Tuesduy evening, July 20, 1852. Gen. Patterson, President, in the chair. The exhibition was unusually fine in each department. The displays of plants remarkably so, and consisted of five extensive collections all in rail flower. The President's gardener contributed a very large table of finely grown specimens - Hydrangeas, Yucca, Gloxinias. Gardenias, fine varieties of Fuchsias, etc. James Dundns' ganteuer, beautiful specimens of Stigmaphyllum citiare, Stauhopea grandifiora, one of the finest air plants, Cuttleya crispa, Torenias Gloxinias, Fuchsias, and Hydrangeas. Harry Ingersolls gardener, a choice collection of Gloxinias and Achimenes, which reflected credit upon bis skill. Caleb Cope's gardener, brought twenty-six select plants, among which were Achimenes gloxiniaeflora, A. Lebmaiiii. Adamia versicolor, Fuchsia - Fair Rosamond and Don Giovani and double purple Chinese Primrose, all new and shown for the first lime. John Lambert's gardener had a handsome collection.

Roberts Buist'a foreman, a fine specimen of Zaucbsneria culifomica, the first shown lie-fore the Society, Thus. F. Croft exhibited a collection of very fine Pinks and double Poppies. The Bouquets and desigus of cut flowers displayed taste and judgment The desgn by Isaac Collins, gardener to Gen. Patterson. was large and beautiful, the flowers which composed it were or the choicest varieties. Thos. Meehau, gardener to Caleb Cope, presented another of those large bankets the center of which displayed the 77th flower of the Victoria regie from the same plant, it was a beautiful specimen; aire a pretty design of exotic flowers end a basket formed with native flowers. Robert Kilvington exhibited a large cone bouquet of native flowers and hand bouquets, and Thos. Meghron a basket of cut flowers.

The fruit table temptingly presented its delicious burthen comprising fine specimens of Black Hamburgh Grapes from Robert Egee's houses. 'Peaches, the Noblesse, Crawford's eurly Melocoton, George 4th and rareripe varieties; Nectarines - the Pitrnastou and Elruge varieties; Plums - the Greeu Gage and Purple Gage from Caleb Cope's. The Muech and Baxter Seedling Apricot, Wilder Raspberry, Giflurcl and Muscat Pear, large yellow and large Green Goose berries from Isaac B. Baxter. The The Moorpark Apricot from James Dundns. Five varieties of Cherries and one of Plums from Mrs. J. B. Smith's. Madelein Peart from H. W. S. Cleveland. Miser Plum by A. Parker. Cherries and Red Currants, by N. A. Roe; Blush Apples and Red Currants, by M. Snyder Several varieties of Apples, choice kinds, and Peaches by John Perkins. White Currants from Miss Gratz's; Black Currants from J. Lambert's. The collection of vegetables were really very fine and extensive, and from the following sources: Anthony Felten Jr., Thomas Meghran, gardener to R. Cornelius John Miller, gardener to Joseph S. Lovering, Maurice Finn, gardener to John Lambert; Thomas Meehau, gardener to C. Cope and James Jones gardener at Girard College. Thos. P. James, Recording Secretary.