Deciduous - is another of our trees that no one should omit to plant in his grounds; it can be transplanted without difficulty, [only when very small,] and is of moderately rapid growth; symmetrically umbrageous, its large, deep green leaves, and tulip formed flowers render it, a most desirable addition to ornamental planting; it soon attains the height of forty or fifty feet, and eventually becomes majestic in its size.

The White Elm, Ulmus atnericana. River Elm, U. memoralis. Slippery Elm, U.fulva. Whahoo Elm, U. alata a - deciduous trees - are all formidable rivals of the Dutch Elto, in point of beauty and grandeur, and unlike it, are free from the deplorable ravages of the insect; they are of a growth sufficiently rapid to induce even those who do not plant for posterity, to incur the trouble of removing them. The River Elm is perhaps the most ornamental of these trees, on account of the graceful weeping of its boughs; they all, except the Whahoo, attain great size.