We have sought for some time for a place where the genuine giant ivy could be procured in this country, and have found a quantity of well rooted plants for sale.

We are sure our readers will thank us for im-forming them how they can do as we have just done, viz: procure twenty healthy specimens of this invaluable and hardy and fast growing evergreen creeper, one which we are anxious to see introduced to cover every old wall, old tree, fence and house in the country.

A letter enclosing one dollar,addressed David Ffrguson, gardener, Falls of Scbuykill, near Philadelphia, will insure ten fine plants grown in pots, with established roots, sent by express or as directed, to any part of the Union. It will answer to plant it at any time during the spring or summer; a position - the north side of a building, wall, etc., is best. Half the above sum will of course purchase half the number of roots. Every one in the middle states, who can get it should make trial of the giant ivy. Under favorable circumstances it will grow from 5 to 12 feet annually. It succeeds well trained on wire or iron railing, and is also one of the handsomest parlor window plants ever cultivated, bearing the air of heated apartments perfectly.