We have now in this country a number of very large seed establishments, most of which are found recorded in our advertising columns, and the following account, taken from the Country Gentleman, of one at Rochester, owned and conducted by James Vick, Esq., will enable those who have not an opportunity of visiting, to appreciate somewhat of their magnitude:

"He now occupies, in the southeast part of the city, twenty-three acres of ground for growing seeds, chiefly flower seeds, and employs six horses and about twenty-five men and women. The collection of bulbs on these grounds is large - over a hundred thousand tulips flowered the past season; and the collection of lilies is probably the best in the country. During the blooming season the display of these and other flowers presented a brilliant and magnificent appearance. More than fifty persons are employed in the seed-rooms in the city during the business season, in packing seeds and filling orders. Two persons are constantly employed in opening letters, often working from fifteen to eighteen hours a day, more than a thousand orders frequently being received in a day. The postmaster states that on some days last season these letters constituted one eighth of all that came to Rochester. From seven hundred to a thousand orders are generally filled each day - making over seventy thousand last year, addressed to forty-five thousand different customers.

Eleven thousand dollars were paid for postage the past year."