There are now three quarterly numbers of this illustrated work issued - June, September, and February, with five large "Bouquets" in each. The Bouquet of Gloxinias has ten kinds in it. That of new Fuchsias, last February, has four most splendid flowers, two light and two dark kinds; Rose of Castile and Guiding, being the two whites; and Prince Frederick William of Prussia and Loch Katrine, the two dark ones; Begonia Rex occupies one page itself, as also does a magnificent figure of Eucharis amazonica; another Bouquet is filled up with two new large double Petunias, which were shown last summer at the Regent's Park, by Mr. Grieves, of Culford Hall, one of which is compared with that of a double Hollyhock, the other with a Camellia-flowered Balsam, together with a new hybrid Begonia, between Fucksioides and Ingrami, " a fine addition to the shrubby-habited Begonias which are in the hands of Messrs. Bainbridge and Hewison, Nurserymen, York." The new Gesnera cinnabarina makes a "Bouquet" of itself, and a most brilliant nosegay it is.

Gesnera densiflora, another new one, introduced by Linden, in the way of elongata and Monochatum ensiferum, make up another gorgeous picture of a nosegay of rose, orange, crimson, scarlet, and yellow, with two shades of green leaves on the white ground of the page; altogether a drawing-room drawing, and the written account is plain common sense, and business-like, while the information about culture, propagation, and the proper kinds to grow, read exactly as if it were printed from a large memorandum book full of dog's ears - but looking fresh from the potting bench, or from a shelf in the propagating house - all simple, sound, and single-handed, that is to say, nothing is taken for granted, but everything is tried and proved in the establishment before it is recommended. None but the best kinds of the most popular plants are figured in these " Illustrated Bouquets," and the best selections of each family are given under each Bouquet. The work may be procured of G. M. Thorburn, Newark, New Jersey.