These species resemble each other in their spotted lobed leaves, and in their numerous delicate blue and white flowers, and they

You must follow me without particular invitation, as we visit, during the advance of the season, the various haunts of flowers, for nature's garden is extensive, and so delicate are many of her productions, that they can only thrive in the soil and aspect particularly adapted to each; yet is no spot so barren, but that at the proper time it yields its jewels. As we descend these broad rocks, wherever a niche occurs in which there is an inch of soil, we may find the

Saxifraga virginiensis, (Rock Saxifrage,) not waiting to grow more than one inch in height, lest the kindly showers of spring fail, it opens its little white flowers until the whole rock is carpeted with them Where the soil is deeper, it grows upwards of a foot in height.

In yonder sheltered vale, half shaded and half sunny, undisturbed by the hand of man, we may find many flowers.