I think my family canned enough fruit last season to enable me to have it on my table every day in the year".

Such was the remark made to me a few days ago by my neighbor L. It certainly was what but very few, even of our most enthusiastic fruit-growers, are able to say. And the facts led to some reflections which will bear stating here.

Neighbor L, we will admit, has as much fruit as he and his family will be likely to consume the year round. I sup-posed that my own family was pretty liberally supplied also; but his far exceeds mine; and I am quite certain that mine as far exceeds that of one half - yea, of nineteen twentieths - of my neighbors. I might put it in a still stronger light, and say, that while one family in a community have as much fruit as it will need or can consume, with a moderate daily use. there are not less than one hundred families who do not consume over one quart weekly. What utter nonsense, then, for men to be croaking about the superabundance of fruit, the prospect of over - stocking the market, and all such forebodings of evil to fruit-growers. And yet every community has one or more of this class of old fogies. I remember just such in my boyhood; and yet people have continued to plant, till the quantity is ten-fold greater everywhere, and the price has continued to advance. And even now, a large portion of the people have yet to learn that the small fruits - to say nothing of apples - can be made a part of their legitimate daily food.

How long before all the people will be as well educated up to the use of fruit as is my neighbor L? And how much will be enough to supply the country when that time shall arrive ?