It wonld appear from tie English papers,-that Hussey's Reaping Machine, (which we believe has always had the preference of experience judges in this country,) has taken the first rank m England, after repeated trials in the open field. At the Great Exhibition trial it failed, from not being in working order.and from having been managed, by a common porter. The Cleveland [English] Agricultural Society, however, appointed a special jury to test McCormick's and Hussay's machines. Over a thousand persons were pre sent, and Hussey's machine was pronounced-by the judges, superior to McCormick's:" doing more work, causing less waste, cutting the grain in a better manner, and being less in cost." Foul weather in harvest time, is far more common in England than America, and Hussey's machine has proved its superiority on trial, par** ticularly as regards its capacity for cutting grain in a wet and fallen harvest. We under, stand the foreign demand for this Reaping Machine is large, and that Mr. Husssv is taking out patents in France, Russia and Prussia. It is pleasant to find that Brother JoNathaN can take the lead in the harvest field of the old world sometimes, though Prof. JoHNSTON, the profound, has said we were all beggarly farmers.