This plant appears to be perfectly hardy, as we had several plants out last year that were entirely uncovered, and which wintered perfectly, not even a tip was killed. It has. just opened its showy flowers, which are pure white, but, like others of the same family, afterwards change to a pink. The flowers are.very persistent, staying on often from August to October. Its native country is Japan, from which it was introduced to this country in 1865.

It is of somewhat spreading growth, often two or three feet over, and not more than a foot high. The flowers are borne in panicles, six inches wide, but mostly longer than wide.

It roots very readily from layers; when once it becomes reasonably well known (if it should prove so entirely hardy), it will ultimately be met with as commonly as the lilac.

The old golden Hydrangea (hortenBis) will not stand our winters, although we have seen it do so in the neighborhood of New York. - Edgar Sanders, in Prairie Farmer.