A Weekly Agricultural, Horticultural And Family Paper, Devoted Especially To Western Interests And Enterprises.

The Prairie Farmer has now occupied the field of twenty-two years, and is increasing in value and interest with every succeeding year.

The rapid development of the Great West furnishes a field which it is just suited to occupy, and its influence is being felt and seen in thousands of Western Homes.

It has amongst its correspondents some of the best talent among Scientific Agriculturists and Horticulturists, and publishes annually hundreds of practical letters from practical men all over the land.

To our Eastern men desiring to learn more of the West, of its Agriculture, progress and resources, the Former will give more than can be obtained in any other way.

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The Prairie Farmer #1

Since the accessiou of W. C. Flagg to its staff as horticultural editor, its horticultural department has been the ablest and best conducted we have known of it for many years. The times now demand more practical matter and less philosophy. Mr. Flagg's department is notably practical, less theoretic, and with more common sense in its ideas.