From the London Gardeners' Chronicle and other European papers we have intelligence of a movement in Belgium of the utmost importance to American pomologists. The Belgian Government has issued a Royal Commission for the purpose of collecting and publishing all existing information concerning the qualities of fruits and their cultivation. The old kinds still deserving preservation are to be described, as well as the numerous varieties of modern origin; tho names by which they are known are to be reconciled and reduced to a common standard; and the best sorts are to be illustrated by figures. This measure, which the Agricultural Congress of Belgium has for four years recommended, is confided to eight gentlemen of the country, and to certain corresponding members, among whom Mr. Rivers, of Sawbridge-worth, and Mr. Robert Thompson, of Chiswick, represent Great Britain.

The work will appear in parts, each containing four colored plates, and the necessary letter-press. Ordinary sets are to be charged twenty-four francs, and fine paper copies thirty-six francs a-year; the first part is advertised for the beginning of the present year.

The Commission announces that no statement whatever will be made, the truth of which is not ascertained, and which shall not have been justified by experience. The errors which ignorance, charlataneric, or private interests have rendered current will be rigorously exposed. Every writer is to sign his own article; but no article is to be admitted which shall not have been specially discussed by the Commission. The points to be elucidated with each variety will be the best mode of culture, whether as standard, pyramid, or against walls; the bearing vigor, good quality and keeping; the soil best suited to each, and the settlement of the synonyms. None but the finest kinds will be figured, that the Commission guarantees.

Our National Pomological Society has no doubt to some extent been the means of calling out this Commission. It is much needed, and if the work is prosecuted in the thorough manner indicated will do much good.