The great improvement added to this machine consists of the attached endless railway, which is composed of a series of flat boards, six in number, plated with iron on both sides of each wheel, equal in length to the radius of the wheel, and from ten to sixteen inches in width, loosely attached to the felloe of the wheel in such a manner that they are carried round it as it revolves. Each in succession is laid flat on the ground in front of the wheel, and lifted again, in its rear, as soon as passed over. On the surface of the boards next the periphery of the wheel, an iron rail and boards are fixed on which the wheel runs, thus corresponding to the sleepers of an ordinary railway, so that the wheels carry their own rails and sleepers with them, laying down a literally endless railway whenever they are set in motion. This is now adapted to the common portable engines, thus making them locomotives capable of going any distance on roads, instead of being dragged. It will thus travel over soft and marshy ground where no roads exist, up and down hill, and over rough and uneven ground.

This is the English invention of Mr. Boydell, and should be adopted among us.

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