The Hemlock, common in all portions of our Union, possesses features of elegance and beauty unlike that of any other hardy variety. When standing alone, or on the outskirts of small groups, its dark yet loose-looking foliage, hanging in pendulous tufts from its peculiarly graceful, half-curving branches, render the tree one of the most ornamental, and suited to a place in decorating the grounds of almost every residence. It is a tree that bears the shears well, and is therefore adapted to hedge or screen planting. When grown in the nursery, it is no more difficult to transplant than other evergreens, although it has been declared very sensitive of removal - probably by those who had no experience except with its removal from the woods. It is, as we have said, a beautiful tree for the open lawn, but it lacks state-liness to adapt it for position near the main residence or buildings.

Pig. 64.   The Hemlock Spruce.

Pig. 64. - The Hemlock Spruce.