Keddleston Pippin, d.—Small, conical, and regularly formed. Skin of a uniform yellow colour, with veinings and specks of russet. Eye half open, set in a shallow, plaited basin. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish, crisp, very juicy, sugary, and aromatic. A first-rate dessert apple. November to March.

Kentish Fill Basket, k. (Lady De Grey's, Potters' Large).—"Very large, roundish, and angular. Skin yel-lowish green, with a brownish red blush next the sun, streaked with darker red. Eye large, in a deep irregular basin. Flesh juicy, sub-acid. November to January.

Kerry Pippin, d. (Edmonton Aromatic Pippin).— Medium sized, oval, flattened and wrinkled at the eye. Skin pale yellow, tinged and streaked with red next the sun. Eye obliquely inserted in a plaited basin. Stalk large. Flesh yellow, firm, crisp, and very juicy, with a rich sugary flavour. One of the best dessert apples. September to October.

Keswick Codlin, k.—Large, conical, irregularly angular. Skin greenish yellow, with a blush tinge next the sun. Eye large, deeply set. Stalk short, much depressed. Flesh yellowish white, juicy, and pleasantly sub-acid. An excellent bearer. August to September.

King George. See Borsdorffer.

King of the Pippins. See Golden "Winter Pearmain,

Kirke's Admirable. See Hollandbury.

Kirke's Golden Reinette. See Golden Reinette.

Kirke's Lemon Pippin. See Lemon Pippin.

Kirke's Lord Nelson, k.—Large, roundish. Skin smooth, pale yellow, streaked all over with red. Eye open. Stalk short and slender. Flesh yellowish white, sweet and juicy, but lacks acidity. November to February.

Knight's Codlin. See Wormsley Pippin.

Knightwick. See Court of Wick.