Ingestrie Red, d.— Small, oblong ovate. Skin bright yellow, tinged with red next the sun, speckled with dots. Eye in a round, wide basin. Stalk short and slender. Flesh pale yellow, of very rich, juicy flavour, resembling the Golden Pippin. One of the best autumn apples. September to November.

Ingestrie Yellow, d.— Small, ovate oblong. Skin deep bright yellow all over. Eye small and shallow. Stalk slender. Flesh tender, and very juicy when first gathered. A good bearer. October.

Irish Peach, d. (Early Crofton).— Medium sized, roundish, somewhat flattened and angular. Skin yel-lowish green and dotted with brown in the shade, dull red next the sun. Eye large and closed. Stalk short. Flesh white, tender, juicy, and richly flavoured. This is one of the best summer dessert apples, and is ripe in August.

Irish Pitcher. See Manks Codlin,

Irish Russet. See Sam Young.

Ironstone. See French Crab.

Isle of Wight Pippin, k.d.— Medium sized, round, and a little flattened. Skin fine rich yellow, and covered with thin grey russet on the shaded side, and of a rich orange and red on the side next the sun. Eye open. Stalk short. Flesh of a fine yellow colour, firm, juicy, and pleasantly acid. September to January.

Joanneting, D. (Juneating, White Juneating, Owens' Golden Beauty).—Small, round, and slightly flattened. Skin light yellow, with a red blush next the sun. Eye moderately sunk. Stalk long and slender. Flesh crisp and pleasant. A good bearer. July to August.

Jones' Southampton Pippin. See Golden Winter Pearmain.