Hall Door, d. — Medium sized, roundish. Skin greenish yellow in the shade, and streaked with red on the side next the sun. Eye small, and set in a rather deep basin. Stalk short, and inserted in a deep cavity. Flesh white, firm, and juicy. In use from November to March.

Hambledon Deux Ans, k.d.—Large, roundish, rather broad est at the base. Skin yellowish green in the shade, and dull-red, streaked with broad stripes of a deeper red, on the side next the sun. Eye small and closed. Stalk stout and short. Flesh greenish white, firm, crisp, and richly flavoured. One of the most valuable keeping apples. In use from January to May.

Hampshire Yellow. See Golden Winter Pearmain.

Han well Souring, k.—Medium sized, roundish-ovate. Skin greenish yellow, with a red blush. Eye closed. Stalk very short. Flesh firm, crisp, and briskly acid. Worthy of general cultivation. December to March.

Harvey Apple, k. — Large, roundish-ovate. Skin greenish yellow, with markings of russet. Eye small. Stalk short and slender. Flesh white, crisp, juicy, and pleasantly acid. A first-rate culinary apple. October to January.

Hardingham's Russet. See Pine Apple Russet.

Hawberry Pippin. See Hollandbury.

Hawthornden, k.—Large, flat, ovate, and angular. Skin delicate yellowish-green, covered with bloom, a red blush next the sun. Stalk slender, half an inch long. Eye small, nearly closed. Flesh white, juicy, and pleasant. An abundant bearer. September to January.

Hawthornden, New, k.—The appearance of the fruit is very much the same as that of the old Hawthornden, but is much more solid and briskly flavoured. It also keeps longer, and the tree has a more robust and vigorous growth. December to January.

Herefordshire Golden Pippin. See Golden Pippin.

Herefordshire Pearmain. See Royal Pearmain.

Hicks' Fancy. See Early Nonpareil.

Hoary Morning,k. {Dainty, Downy, Sam Rawlings).— Large, roundish, somewhat flattened, and angular. Skin yellowish, marked with broad, pale-red stripes on the shaded side, and broad broken stripes of beautiful red on the side next the sun, and covered with a fine thick bloom, like thin hoar frost. Eye very small. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish white, tinged with red at the surface under the skin, brisk, juicy, rich, and slightly acid. This is a beautiful and very excellent kitchen apple. In use from October to December.

Holbert's Victoria, d. — Small and ovate. Skin yellow, covered with pale grey russet Eye small and slightly open. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish, firm, very juicy, vinous, and aromatic. An excellent dessert apple, of the first quality. December to May.

Hollandbury, k. (Hawberry Pippin, Horsley Pippin, Kirkes Admirable).—Large, roundish, flat at the ends, prominently ribbed. Skin greenish yellow, beautiful bright red next the sun. November to January.

Holland Pippin, k.—Large, roundish, and flattened. Skin yellow, inclining to green, dull red next the sun. Stalk short, thick, and deeply set. Eye small, in a slightly plaited basin. Flesh pale yellow and pleasantly acid. November to March.

Hood's Seedling. See Scarlet Pearmain.

Hormead Pearmain, k.d. (Arundel Pearmain, Hor-mead Pippin).—Medium sized, ovate conical. Skin of a uniform bright yellow. Eye large, closed, and set in a shallow, irregular basin. Stalk very short and stout, inserted in a deep cavity. Flesh white, tender, very juicy, and pleasantly acid. An excellent dessert apple. In use from October to March.

Horsley Pippin. See Hollandbury.

Hubbard's Peaemain, d.—Small and conical. Skin covered with thin russet, sometimes without russet, and thin yellowish green. Eye small and closed. Stalk short. Flesh yellow, firm, sugary, richly flavoured, and aromatic. One of the best dessert apples, deserving extensive culti-vation. November to April.

Hughes' Golden Pippin-, d. —Small, round, compressed at the ends. Skin yellow, spotted with green, and russety. Stalk thick and short. Eye small, in a hollow, plaited basin. Flesh yellow, rich, sweet, and agreeable. A first-rate dessert apple. December to February.

Hunt's Nonpareil. See Nonpareil.