Garnon's. See Court Pendu Plat.

Garret Pippin. See Borsdorffer.

Girkin Pippin. See Wyken.

Gloria Mundi, k. (Baltimore, Mammoth, Ox Apple, Monstrous Pippin.—Of very large size, roundish, and flattened. Skin pale yellowish green, with a faint tinge of blush on one side. Eye large and open. Stalk short and stout. Flesh white, tender, and juicy. October to Christmas.

Golden Knob. d.—Small, ovate, and a little flattened. Skin yellow, much covered with russet, with a reddish tinge on one side. Eye open, stalk very short. Flesh greenish white, firm, crisp, and juicy. December to March.

Glory of the West. See Dutch Codlin,

Glory of York. See Ribston Pippin.

Golden Drop. See Court of Wick.

Golden Harvey, d.c. (Brandy).—Small, nearly round. Skin roughly russety, on a yellow ground, tinged with red next the sun. Stalk half an inch long, slender. Eye small, open, and shallow. Flesh yellow, rich, aromatic, and sub-acid flavour. A first-rate dessert fruit. December to June.

Golden Monday, d.—Small, roundish, and flattened. Skin clear, golden yellow, with markings of russet. Eye small, and rather open. Stalk very short. Flesh yellowish white, crisp, sugary, briskly flavoured, and with a nice aroma. October to Christmas.

Golden Noble, k. (Waltham Abbey Seedling).—A very large, globular, and handsome apple. Skin of a uniform clear, bright yellow. Eye small and deep. Stalk short. Flesh yellow, tender, and pleasantly acid, and bakes of a clear amber colour. A valuable kitchen apple. September to December.

Golden Pippin, d. (American Plate, Balgone Pippin, Bayfordbury Pippin, Herefordshire G.P., London GP., Melton G.P., Russet G.P., Warter's G.P.)— Small, roundish. Skin deep golden yellow, with, white specks under the skin, dotted with russet. Stalk long and slender. Eye small and shallow. Flesh yellowish, rich, brisk, and highly flavoured. The queen of dessert apples. November to March.

Golden Reinette, d. (Dundee, English Pippin, Eli-zabeth, Kirke's Golden Reinette, Megginch Favourite, Princess Noble, Wyker Pippin, Wygers).—Below medium size, round, and compressed at the ends. Skin greenish yellow, flushed and streaked with red next the sun, dotted with russet. Stalk long. Eye large, open, and shallow. Flesh yellow, sugary, and richly flavoured. October to January.

Golden Russet, d. — Medium sized, ovate. Skin greenish yellow, covered with yellow russet. Stalk short. Eye small and close. Flesh yellowish white, crisp, and pleasantly aromatic. December to March.

Golden Winter Pearmain, k.d. (King of the Pippins, Hampshire Yellow, Jones' Southampton Pippin).—Medium sized, abrupt pearmain-shaped. Skin rich yellow, tinged and streaked with red next the sun. Eye large and open, set in a deep basin. Stalk long and stout. Flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, and sweet, with a somewhat aromatic flavour. A valuable apple. October to January.

Gooseberry Pippin, k. — Medium sized, roundish. Skin deep lively green. Eye open. Stalk short. Flesh greenish white, very tender, and delicate. A very valuable, late-keeping, culinary apple. In use from November till the following August.

Gravenstein, k.d. — Large, round, flattened at the ends, and angular. Skin fine straw colour, streaked with red next the sun. Stalk very short and deeply set. Eye large, wide, and deeply set. Flesh pale yellow, crisp, aromatic, and vinous. A very valuable apple. October to December.

Greenup's Pippin, k.—Above medium size, round. Skin of a pale straw colour, with a fine bright red cheek next the sun. Eye closed. Stalk short. Flesh pale yellowish white, juicy, sweet, and brisk. October to December.

Geey Leadington, d. — Medium sized, oblong or conical, and ribbed. Skin yellow and russety, with pale red on the side exposed to the sun. Eye large and sunk. Stalk short and very stout. Flesh tender, juicy, sugary, and finely perfumed. An excellent dessert apple. In use from September to January.