Fearn's Pippin, k.d. (Ferris' Pippin, Clifton Nonesuch). —Medium sized, round, flat at the ends. Skin greenish yellow, russety round the stalk, and bright red next the sun. Stalk short. Eye shallow, in a plaited basin. Flesh greenish white, sweet, and richly flavoured. A good apple. November to February.

Federal Pearmain, d.—Below medium size, pearmain-shaped. Skin yellowish, with a little red, and a few dark streaks on the side next the sun, russety. Eye deeply set. Stalk half an inch long. Flesh fine, delicate, very juicy, and of excellent flavour. A first-rate apple. December to March.

Five-crowned Pippin. See London Pippin.

Flower of Kent, k.—Large, roundish, flattened, and irregularly ribbed. Skin dull yellow, tinged with red, bright red next the sun. Flesh greenish yellow, exceedingly juicy. Eye small. Stalk an inch long. October to January.

Forge, k.—Medium sized, round. Skin a golden-yellow colour, mottled with crimson, and dark red next the sun. Eye small and closed. Stalk very short. Flesh yellowish white, tender, juicy, sweet, and finely perfumed. A useful apple. The tree a great and constant bearer. October to January.

Forman's Crew, d.—Below medium, oval, broadest at the base. Skin yellow and russety. Stalk short. Eye small. Flesh greenish yellow. One of the best dessert apples. November to April.

Formosa. See Ribston Pippin.

Franklin's Golden Pippin, d. (Sudlow's Fall).— Medium size, conical. Skin bright yellow, dotted with dark spots. Stalk short, slender, and deeply set. Eye deeply sunk. Flesh pale yellow, tender, and richly aromatic. A first-rate fruit. October to January.

French Crab, k.d. (Claremont Pippin, Faster Pippin, Ironstone, Young's Long Keeping). — Large, globular. Skin dark green, with a brown blush, next the sun. Stalk short and slender, deeply set. Eye small, almost closed. Flesh pale green, firm, and pleasantly sub-acid. An immense bearer, and remarkable for keeping, under favourable circumstances, for two years.

Frith Pitcher. See Manks Codlin.

Fry's Pippin. See Court of Wick.