Early Crofton. See Irish Peach.

Early Harvest, d. {Yellow Harvest).—Medium sized, round. Skin clear pale yellow. Eye small and closed. Stalk half an inch long, not deeply inserted. Flesh white, tender, crisp, juicy, with a pleasant refreshing flavour. A first-rate early dessert apple. July and August.

Early Julien, k.d.—Medium sized, roundish, ana slightly flattened. Skin pale yellow, with an orange tinge next the sun. Eye closed. Stalk short. Flesh yellowish white, crisp, very juicy, with a fine brisk and rather balsamic flavour. An excellent early apple. Ripe in the second week of August.

Early Nonpareil, d. (Hicks' Fancy, New Nonpareil, Stagg's Nonpareil).—Small, roundish, narrowing towards the eye. Skin greenish yellow, changing to deep yellow as it attains maturity, russety, and spotted with grey spots. Eye open, set in a wide basin. Stalk short and deeply inserted. Flesh yellowish white, crisp, juicy, brisk, and aromatic. October to December.

Early Red Margaret. See Margaret.

Early Summer Pippin. See Drap d' Or.

Easter Pippin. See French Crab.

Edmonton Aromatic. See Kerry Pippin.

Elizabeth. See Golden Reinette.

Emperor Alexander, k. (Aporta, Russian Fmperor). —Very large, heart-shaped. Skin greenish yellow, streaked with bright red next the sun. Eye large and deeply set. Stalk slender, an inch long, much inserted. Flesh yellowish white, rich, juicy, and aro:natic. A very handsome apple. September to December.

English Codlin, k.—Large, conical, and irregular in its outline. Skin fine yellow, with a faint red blush on the side exposed to the sun. Eye closed. Stalk short and stout. Mesh white, tender, and agreeably acid. August to October.

English Pippin. See Golden Reinette.

Fall Pippin. See Reinette Blanche d' Espagne.