Duke of Devonshire.—Fruit medium sized, roundish-ovate. Skin of uniform lemon-yellow colour, with a dull red cheek; the surface veined with russet. Eye large and open, set in a wide and deep basin. Stalk very short. Flesh yellowish, crisp, juicy, rich, and sugary, with a fine aroma.

An excellent dessert apple, in use from February till May.

Devonshire Quarrenden, d. (Bed Quarrenden, Sack Apple).—Medium sized, round, compressed at the ends. Skin deep crimson. Stalk short and deeply inserted. Eye with long segments, very shallow. Flesh greenish white, crisp, juicy, and pleasantly sub-acid. A good bearer. "No better autumn fruit." August.

Devonshire Queen, k.d.—A fine, large, ovate fruit, entirely covered with rich, dark crimson, and a delicate bloom. The flesh is sometimes tinged with red, and is crisp, juicy, and balsamic. October.

Ditton Nonpareil. See Braddick's Nonpareil.

Downton Pippin, d.—Larger than the Golden Pippin, roundish, flat at the ends. Skin yellow. Stalk short and deeply inserted. Eye in a wide and shallow basin. Flesh yellow, brisk, and richly flavoured. A seedling from the Golden Pippin. November to January.

Dreap d'Or, k:. (Bay Apple, Early Summer Pippin).— Rather large, roundish, narrowing towards the eye. Skin yellow, dotted with brown specks. Stalk short. Eye shallow. Flesh crisp, juicy, and of a pleasant mild flavour. October to December.

Duchess of Oldenbuegh, d.—Medium sized, roundish. Skin rich yellow, streaked with red. Eye large, nearly closed, set in a wide hollow. Flesh brisk and juicy. September.

Dumelow's Seedling, k. (Nornanton Wonder, Wellington).—Large, round, and compressed at both ends. Skin yellow, light red next the sun. Stalk very short. Eye large and open. Flesh. yellow. A good bearer, and an excellent kitchen apple. November to March.

Dundee. See Golden Reinette,

Dutch Codlin, k. (Chalmers' Large, Glory of the West).—Very large, irregularly roundish, or oblong, with prominent ribs extending from the base to the eye. Skin pale greenish-yellow, slightly tinged with orange, red next the sun. Stalk short and thick. Eye set in a deep angular basin. Flesh white, slightly acid. A good bearer, and one of the best kitchen apples. August to September.

Dutch Mignonne, k.d. (Copmanthorpe Crab, Stettin Pippin).—Rather large, roundish, and handsome. Skin dull orange, half mottled with large yellow russet specks. Eye open, deeply set in a round basin. Stalk an inch long, deeply set. Flesh highly aromatic. A great bearer, and one of the most desirable apples for any garden. December to April.