Clissold's Seedling. See Lodgemore Nonpareil.

Calville, Winter White, k. (White Calville).—-Large and flattened, marked on its sides with pro-minent ribs. Skin smooth, shining, rich yellow, and tinged with red. Eye small and deep. Stalk slender and deeply inserted. Flesh, white, tender, sweet, and juicy. January to April.

Cambridge Pippin. See Bedfordshire Foundling.

Carel's Seedling. See Pinner Seedling.

Carlisle Codlin, k.—Fruit above medium size, ovate, and angular. Skin smooth, pale yellow. Eye closed. Stalk very short. Flesh white, tender, crisp, juicy, and brisk. An excellent culinary apple. From August to December.

Cellini, k. d.—Above medium size, roundish, and handsomely shaped. Skin deep yellow, beautifully streaked and mottled with red next the sun. Eye large and open, set in a shallow basin. Stalk very short. Flesh white, tender, juicy, with a fine, brisk, balsamic flavour, and high aroma. A first-rate culinary apple, and also useful in the dessert. October to November.

Chalmers' Large. See Dutch Codlin.

Christie's Pippin, d.—Rather small, round, and compressed. Skin deep yellow, mottled with red next the sun. Stalk short. Eye small. Flesh yellowish white, tender, brisk, and juicy, with a pleasant flavour. A first-rate dessert apple. December to February.

Claremont. See French Crab.

Claygate Pearmain, d.—Medium sized, conical. Skin dull greenish yellow, with brownish red next the sun. Stalk medium. Eye large. Flesh yellow, tender, and aromatic, with the flavour of the Ribston. An abundant bearer, and first-rate fruit. November to March.

Clifton Nonesuch. See Fearn's Pippin.

Coates'. See Yorkshire Greening.

Cobbett's Fall Pippin. See Reinette Blanche d'Espagne.

Cobham, d. — Above medium size, roundish. Skin greenish yellow, mottled with red. Eye small and closed. Stalk slender and deeply inserted. Flesh pale yellow, crisp, sugary, and aromatic. An excellent dessert apple, with something of the character of Ribston Pippin. September to January.

Coccagee, c.—Medium sized, ovate, fine yellow. Skin red next the sun. One of the best cider apples. October "to December.

Cockle Pippin, d. (Nutmeg Pippin). —Medium sized, conical or ovate. Skin fine brownish yellow, russety at the base. Stalk slender. Eye in a narrow and shallow basin. Flesh yellow, rich, and perfumed. Excellent flavour, and first-rate dessert fruit. January to April.

Coe's Golden Drop, d. — Small and conical. Skin yellow, with a few crimson spots next the sun. Eye small and open. Stalk long. Flesh firm, crisp, sugary, and vinous. A first-rate dessert apple. November to May.

Copmanthorpe Crab. See Dutch Mignonne.

Cornish Gilliflower, d.—Rather large, oval, and angular towards the eye. Skin deep yellowish green, tinged with red, intermixed with streaks of deeper red next the sun, russety. Stalk an inch long. Eye nearly closed, set in an uneven basin. Flesh yellow, firm, rich, and perfumed, like the Clove Gilliflower. Rather a shy bearer, but one of "the best of apples." November to May.

Court of Wick, d. (Fry's Pippin, Golden Drop, Knight-wick Pippin, Phillips Reinette, Wood's Huntingdon, Weeks' Pippin, Yellow Pippin).—Rather small, roundish, ovate, and compressed at the ends. Skin greenish yellow, orange and russety next the sun. Stalk short and slender. Eye open and shallow. Flesh deep yellow, juicy, and highly flavoured. An abundant bearer, and first-rate fruit. October to March.

Court Pendu Plat, D. (Gamon's Pippin, Princesse Noble Zoete, Russian, Wollaton Pippin).—Medium sized, round, and compressed. Skin rich deep red, greenish yellow in the shade. Stalk short and deeply inserted. Eye large and open, set in a wide shallow basin. Flesh yellow, rich, and briskly acid. An abundant bearer, and excellent fruit. November to April.

Cox's Orange Pippin, d.—Medium sized, roundish-ovate, and regular in its outline. Skin greenish yellow, and streaked with red in the shade, but dark red where exposed to the sun. Eye small and open. Stalk half an inch long. Flesh yellowish, very tender, crisp, and juicy, with a fine perfume. A first-rate dessert apple. October to February.

Cox's Pomona, k.—Above the medium size, sometimes large, ovate, and somewhat flattened and angular. Skin yellow, and very much streaked with bright crimson. Eye slightly open and deep. Stalk an inch long, deeply inserted. Fresh white, tender, delicate, and pleasantly acid. October.

Crofton Scarlet, d.—Medium sized, flattish. Skin yellowish russet, bright red and russety next the sun. Eye wide. Stalk short. An abundant bearer. October to December.