Baron Ward.—Fruit below medium size, ovate. Skin smooth and shining, of a fine uniform deep yellow colour. Eye slightly open, and not much depressed. Stalk short. Flesh tender, crisp, juicy, and agreeably acid. January till May.

This is an excellent apple for culinary purposes, but its small size is a great objection to it. It keeps well without shrivelling.

Balgone pippin. See Golden Pippin.

Barcelona Pearmain, d. (Speckled Pearmain, Speckled Golden Reinette).—Medium sized, oval. Skin yellow in the shade, and a beautiful red next the sun, covered with large russety specks. Stalk short. Eye small. Flesh yellowish, highly aromatic. Abundant bearer, and good dessert apple. November to March.

Bay. See Drap d' Or.

Bayfordbury Pippin. See Golden Pippin.

Beachamwell, d. (Motteux Seedling). — A small, ovate, yellow apple, of first-rate quality. December to March.

Beauty of Kent, k.—Very large, roundish, flat and russety at the base. Skin greenish yellow, streaked with beautiful red next the sun. Stalk short, slender, and deeply inserted. Eye small. Flesh crisp, tender, and juicy. An abundant bearer. October to February.

Bedfordshire Foundling, k. (Cambridge Pippin).— Large, roundish, and slightly ribbed. Skin dark green, becoming paler as it ripens. Stalk short, and deeply in-serted. Eye open and deep. Flesh yellowish, and pleasantly acid. Handsome and excellent. November to March.

Bell's Scarlet. See Scarlet Pearmain.

Bess Pool, k.d.—Above medium size, conical, and handsomely shaped. Skin yellow, washed and striped with red on the side next the sun. Eye small, and rather deep. Stalk short. Flesh white, tender, and juicy, with a fine sugary and vinous flavour. November to March.

Blenheim Orange, k.d. (Woodstock Pippin, North-wick Pippin).—Large, round, and widest at the base. Skin yellowish, red next the sun. Eye open and hollow. Flesh yellow, sweet, and juicy. A first-rate dessert fruit, and excellent for kitchen use. November to February.

Borovitski, d.—Medium sized, roundish, and angular. Skin bright red on one side and pale green on the other. Stalk long and deeply inserted. Flesh white, brisk, juicy, and sugary. Middle of August.

Borsdorffer, d. (Garret Pippin, King George, Queen s).—Small, oval, bright yellow, and red next the sun. Stalk short and slender. Eye shallow. Flesh yellowish white, crisp, rich, and perfumed. An apple of very superior quality. November to March.

Boston Russet, d. (Roxbury Russet).—Medium sized, roundish, flattened at the ends. Skin dull green, covered with brownish-yellow russet, rarely tinged with red. Stalk nearly an inch long, slender. Flesh greenish white, rich, sub-acid, and juicy, like Ribston Pippin. Of first-rate quality. January to April.

Beabant Bellefleur, k.d.—Large, roundish, oblong, and ribbed. Skin pale yellow, slightly striped with red. Eye large and wide. Flesh juicy, rich, and pleasantly sub-acid. November to April.

Braddick's Nonpareil, d. (Ditton I onpareil).-— Small, roundish, and compressed at both ends. Skin smooth, green, tinged with yellowish brown, brownish red next the sun. Eye small and deeply set. Stalk short Flesh yellow, sugary, and aromatic. An abundant bearer and first-rate table fruit. December to March.

Brandy. See Golden Harvey.

Bringewood Pippin, d.—Small and round. Skin of a fine rich yellow colour. Eye small and open, set in a shallow basin. Stalk short and slender. Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, juicy, and with a rich flavour. A first-rate dessert apple. January to March.

Brownlees' Russet, k. d.—Large, roundish-ovate, and rather flattened. Skin green and russeted, with brownish red next the sun. Eye closed. Stalk short, deeply inserted. Flesh greenish white, tender, juicy, sweet, and aromatic. An excellent late apple. January to May.

Brown Spice. See Aromatic Russet.

Burntisland Pippin. See Aromatic Russet.