Alberge de Montgamet. See Montgamet.

D'Alexandrie. See Masch Musch.

Alsace.—This is a variety of the Moorpark, and is of a very large size, with a rich and juicy flavour; and the tree, unlike the others of the race, is vigorous and hardy, and does not die off in branches, as the Moorpark does.

Amande Aveline. See Breda.

(1) The bony substance at the back of the stone is pervious by passage, through which a pin may he passed from one end to the other.

Angoumois (Violet; Anjou; Rouge).—Small, oval, flat-tened at the apex, and marked on one side with a shallow suture, the sides of which are raised. Skin clear, deep yellow on the shaded side, but dark rusty brown on the side next the sun. Flesh deep orange, juicy, and melting, separating from the stone; rich, sugary, and briskly flavoured; but, when highly ripened, charged with a fine aroma. Back of the stone impervious. Kernel sweet. End of July.

Ananas. See Pine Apple.

Anjou. See Angoumois.

Anson's. See Moorpark.

Aveline. See Breda.