These are generally strong-growing or productive varieties, the fruit of which being mostly of a large size, or showy appearance, they are, on that account, well adapted for orchard planting, to supply the markets.

Alfriston Emperor Alexander

Barcelona Pearmain                    English Codlin

Beauty of Kent                           Fearn's Pippin

Bedfordshire Foundling              Flower of Kent

Bess Pool Forge

Blenheim Pippin                        French Crab

Brabant Belletleur                      Gloria Mundi

Brownlees' Russet Golden Noble           

Cellini Golden Winter Pearmain

Cox's Pomona                             Gooseberry Apple

Devonshire Quarrenden              Hambledon Deux Ans

Duchess of Oldenburgh              Hanwell Souring

Dumelow's Seedling                    Harvey Apple

Dutch Codlin                              Hoary Morning