De Nancy. See Peach.

Noir, See Black.

Oldaker's Moorpark. See Moorpark.

Peach (Peche; Gros Peche; De Nancy; De Wirtem-berg; Royal Peach).—Large, oval, and flattened, marked with a deep suture at the base, which gradually diminishes towards the apex. Skin pale yellow on the shaded side, and a slight tinge of red next the sun. Flesh reddish yellow, very delicate, juicy, and sugary, with a rich and somewhat musky flavour. Stone large, flat, rugged, and pervious along the back. Kernel bitter. This is quite distinct from the Moorpark, now cultivated under that name; and is, doubtless, the parent of all the varieties so called. It may always be distinguished from the Moor-park by nurserymen; for, while the Moorpark may be budded freely on the common plum stock, the Peach apricot will only take on the Muscle stock. Ripe the end of August and beginning of September.

Peche. See Peach.

Pine Apple (Ananas).—Large, roundish, and flattened, and marked with a rather shallow suture. Skin thin and delicate, of a deep golden yellow on the shaded side, but with a highly-coloured red cheek where exposed to the sun, and speckled with large and small red specks. The flesh is reddish yellow, tender, but somewhat firm; never becomes mealy, but is juicy, and with a rich pine-apple flavour. Stone oval and three-ribbed, and impervious along the back. Kernel bitter. Ripens in the middle of August.

Portugal (Early Orange).—Very small, resembling, in shape and size, the Red Masculine. It is round, and divided on one side by a deep suture. Skin pale yellow on the shaded side, and deep yellow, tinged with red, and marked with brown and red russet spots on the side next the sun. Flesh deep yellow, tender, melting, with a rich sugary and musky flavour; adhering somewhat to the stone. Stone almost round, impervious along the back. Kernel bitter. Ripe in the beginning and middle of August.

Precoce de Wittemberg.—This is an early variety of the Peach Apricot, and as such is highly valuable. It ripens ten or twelve days before that variety, and is of the largest size.

Precoce d'Esperen. See Large Early.

Precoce d'Hongrie. See Large Early.

Purple. See Black.