Red Masculine.—Small, roundish. Skin bright yellow on the shaded side; deep orange, spotted with dark red, next the sun. Suture well defined. Flesh yellow, juicy, and musky. Stone thick, obtuse at the ends, impervious along the back. Kernel bitter. July.

Roman (Common).—Above medium size, oblong, sides compressed. Skin pale yellow, with rarely a few red spots next the sun. Suture scarcely perceptible. Flesh dull yellow, soft, and dry, separating from the stone, and possessing a sweet and agreeable acid juice, that makes it desirable for preserving. Stone oblong, impervious. Kernel bitter. Middle of August.

Rouge. See Angoumois.

Royal.—Large, oval, and slightly compressed. Skin dull yellow, tinged with red where exposed. Suture shallow. Flesh pale orange, firm, juicy, rich, and vinous, separating from the stone. Stone large and oval, im-pervious. Kernel bitter. An excellent apricot, and little inferior to the Moorpark. Beginning of August.

Royal Orange.—Above medium size, roundish, one side swelling more than the other. Skin pale orange in the shade; deep orange, tinged with red, next the sun. Suture well defined, deep towards the stalk. Flesh deep orange, firm, and adhering to the stone, which is small, smooth, thick, and impervious. Kernel sweet. Middle of August.

Royal Peach. See Peach.

St. Ambroise.—This is a large, early apricot. almost the size of the Moorpark. It is compressed, of a deep yellow colour, reddish next the sun. Flesh juicy, rich, and sugary. Ripe the middle of August. The tree is said to be very vigorous, healthy, and a good bearer.

De St. Jean. See Large Early.

Shipley's (Blenheim).—Large, oval. Skin deep yellow. Flesh yellow, tolerably rich and juicy. Stone roundish, and impervious. Kernel bitter. Very productive and early, but not so rich as the Moorpark. End of July and beginning of August.

Sudlow's Moorpark See Moorpark.