Tardive d'Orleans.—This is a late variety, ripening a fortnight after the Moorpark.

Temple's See Moorpark.

Turkey.—Medium size, nearly round, not compressed. Skin deep yellow; brownish orange next the sun, and spotted. Flesh pale yellow, firm, juicy, sweet, and pleasantly sub-acid, separating from the stone. Stone large, rugged, and impervious. Kernel sweet. Middle of August.

Viard.— This, according to Mr. Rivers, is an early variety of the Peach apricot, with rich, juicy flesh. The tree is hardy.

Violet. See Angoumois.

White Masculine (Blanche). — Small, round, and somewhat compressed at both ends. Skin covered with a fine white down; pale yellow, tinged with brownish red, next the sun, and dull white in the shade. Flesh pale yellow, adhering in some degree to the stone; fine and delicate, juicy, sugary, and excellent. Kernel bitter. Ripe the end of July.

De Wirtemberg. See Peach.