Baramdam. See Paramdam.

Baumann's May (Bigarreau de Mai; Trempee Pre-coce).—Medium sized, ovate, inclining to cordate, and irregular in its shape. Skin of a fine dark-red colour, changing to deep, shining black. Stalk about two inches long. Flesh purple, tender, juicy, and excellent. Ripe the middle of June.

Belcher's Black. See Corone.

Belle Agathe.—Small, produced in clusters; heart-shaped. Skin dark crimson, with minute yellow mottles over it. Stalk an inch and a half to an inch and three quarters long. Flesh yellowish, firm, sweet, and very nicely flavoured. This is a small Bigarreau, which hangs on the tree as late as the first week in October; and neither birds nor wasps touch it.

Belle Audigeoise. See Reine Hortense.

Belle de Bavay. See Reine Hortense,

Belle de Chatenay. See Belle Magnifique,

Belle de Choisy (Ambree; Dauphine; Doucette; De Palembre).—Large and round. Skin very thin and transparent, showing the texture of the flesh beneath; amber coloured, mottled with yellowish red, or rich cornelian, next the sun. Stalk an inch and a half to two inches long, rather stout, swollen at the upper end. Flesh amber coloured, melting, tender, rich, sugary and de-licious. Early in July.

Belle de Laeken. See Heine Hortense.

Belle Magnifique (Belle de Chatenay; Belle de Sceaux; Belle de Spa; De Spa).—Very large, roundish-oblate, inclining to heart-shaped. Skin clear bright red. Stalk an inch to an inch and a half long. Flesh yellowish, tender, and sub-acid. Middle and end of August.

Belle d'Orleans.—Medium sized, roundish, inclining to heart-shaped. Skin pale yellowish white in the shade, but of a thin bright red next the sun. Flesh yellowish white, tender, juicy, and rich. Beginning and middle of June. One of the earliest and richest of cherries.

Belle de Petit Brie. See Heine Hortense.

Belle Polonaise. See Griotte de Kleparow

Belie de Prapeau. See Heine Hortense.

Belle de Sceaux. See Belle Magnifique.

Belle de Spa. See Belle Magnifique.

Belle Supreme. See Heine Hortense.

Bigarreau (Graffion).—Large, and obtuse heart-shaped, flattened at the stalk. Skin whitish yellow, marbled with deep bright red next the sun. Stalk stout, two inches long, deeply inserted. Flesh pale yellow, firm, rich, and highly flavoured. Stone large and round. End of July.

Bigarreau Gaboulais. See Monstrous Heart.

Bigarreau Gros Caeuret. See Monstrous Heart.

Bigarreau Gros Monstrueux. See Monstrous Heart.

Bigarreau Gros Noir. See Tradescant's Heart.

Bigarreau de Hildesheim {Bigarreau Tardif de Hildesheim).—Medium sized, heart-shaped, flattened on one side. Skin shining, pale yellow, marbled with red on one side, but dark red on the other. Stalk two inches long. Flesh yellow, very firm, not particularly juicy, but with an excellent sweet flavour. Ripe the end of August and beginning of September. An excellent late cherry.

Bigarreau de Hollande (Spotted Bigarreau; Arm-strong's Bigarreau).—Very large, regularly and hand-somely heart-shaped. Skin pate yellow on the shaded side, but of a light red, marbled with bright crimson, on the side exposed to the sun. Stalk an inch and a half long, stout, inserted a little on one side of the fruit. Flesh pale yellowish white, juicy, and sweet, with an agreeable piquancy. Stone small for the size of the fruit. Middle of July.

Bigarreau Jaboulais. See Monstrous Heart.

Bigarreau Lauermann. Sec Bigarreau Napoleon.

Bigarreau de Lyons. See Monstrous Heart.

Bigarreau de Mai. See Baumanns May.

Bigarreau Monstrueux de Mezel. See Monstrous Heart.

Bigarreau Monstrueux. See Monstrous Heart.

Bigarreau Napoleon (Bigarreau Lauermann).—Large, and oblong heart-shaped. Skin pale yellow, spotted with deep red, marbled with fine deep crimson next the sun. Stalk stout and short, set in a narrow cavity. Flesh very firm, juicy, and of excellent flavour. An abundant bearer. July and August.

Bigarreau Tardif de Hildesheim. See Bigarreau de


Black Bud of Buckinghamshire. See Corone.

Black Caroon. See Corone.

Black Circassian. See Black Tartarian.

Black Eagle.—Medium sized, obtuse heart-shaped, compressed at both ends. Skin deep purple; when ripe nearly black. Stalk an inch and a half long, and slender. Flesh deep purple, tender, very rich, and juicy. Begin-ning of July.

Black Hawk.—Large, obtuse heart-shaped, uneven in its outline, and compressed on the sides. Skin deep, shining, blackish-purple. Stalk about an inch and a half long. Flesh dark purple, tolerably firm, rich, and sweet. Middle and end of July.

Black Heart (Ansell's Fine Black; Early Black; Lacure; Spanish Black Heart).— Above medium size, heart-shaped, rather irregular, compressed at the apex. Skin dark purple; deep black when quite ripe. Stalk an inch and a half long, slender. Flesh half tender, rich, juicy, and sweet. Early in July.

Black Morello. See Morello.

Black Orleans. See Corone.

Black Russian. See Black Tartarian.

Black Tartarian (Black Circassian; Black Russian; Fraser's Black; Ronalds' Black; Sheppard's Seedling). —Large, obtuse heart-shaped; surface irregular and un-even. Skin deep black. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh purplish, juicy, half tender, and rich. Stone small, roundish oval. Succeeds well against a wall, when it is ready by the end of June.

Bleeding Heart. See Gascoigne's Heart.

Bloodgood's Amber. See American Amber.

Bloodgood's Honey. See American Amber.

Bouquet Amarelle. See Cluster.

Bowyer's Early Heart.—Rather below medium size, obtuse heart-shaped. Skin amber coloured, mottled with red. Flesh white, very tender, juicy, and sweet. A good bearer, and an excellent early cherry. End of June.

Brant.—Large, roundish-heart-shaped, and uneven. Skin deep dark red. Stalk an inch and a half long, set in an angular cavity. Flesh dark purplish-red, half tender, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. Beginning of July.

Brune de Bruxelles. See Ratafia.

Bullock's Heart. See Ox-Heart.

Buttner's Black Heart.—Larger than the common Black Heart; heart-shaped, and flattened on one side. Skin glossy, deep blackish-purple. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh half tender, juicy, dark red, and with a particularly pleasant flavour. A superior variety to the common Black Heart. Ripe in the middle of July.

Buttner's October Morello.—Large, round, and somewhat oblate, and indented at the apex. Skin thin, and of a reddish-brown colour. Stalk slender, two inches long. Flesh light red, reticulated with whitish veins, juicy, and with a pleasant sub-acid flavour. This is an excellent culinary cherry, and ripens in October.

Buttner's Yellow.—About medium size, roundish-ovate. Skin entirely yellow, becoming a pale-amber colour when highly ripened. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh firm, yellow, sweet, and very nicely flavoured. The best yellow cherry there is. The birds do not touch it. Middle of July, and hangs till the end of August.