Dauphine. See Belle de Choisy.

Delicate.—Large, roundish, and flattened. Skin thin and translucent, fine rich amber coloured, quite covered with mottling of crimson. Stalk two inches long. Flesh pale yellow, translucent, tender, juicy, sweet, and with a rich, delicious flavour. A very excellent cherry. Ripe in the middle of July.

Doctor. See American Doctor.

Donna Maria. See Royal Duke.

Double Glass. See Great Cornelian.

Double Natte.—Rather large, roundish, a little com-pressed, and inclining to ovate. Skin dark brown, or brownish black. Stalk slender, sometimes nearly three inches long, and bearing leaves. Flesh very red, tender, and very juicy, with a brisk, sprightly acidity. Ripe in the beginning and middle of July.

Doucette. See Belle de Choisy.

Downer's Late.—Fruit produced in large bunches, medium sized, obtuse heart-shaped. Skin of a delicate clear red on the exposed side, but paler and mottled with pale yellow where shaded. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh pale, tender, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. Ripe the middle and end of August.

Downton.—Large, roundish-heart-shaped, much compressed, nearly round. Skin pale yellow, stained with red dots, semi-transparent, marbled with dark red next the sun. Stalk an inch and a half long, slender. Flesh yellowish, without any stain of red, tender, deliciously and richly flavoured, adhering slightly to the stone, Ripens in the middle and end of July.

Dredge's Early White. See White Heart.

Duchesse de Palluau.—Very large, oblate, and pitted at the apex. Skin thin, of a brilliant red colour, becoming dark red as it ripens. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh very tender and juicy, with a brisk and agreeable acidulous flavour; juice coloured. A very fine cherry. Ripe in the end of July.

Duke. See May Duke.

Dutch Morello. See Morello.