Early Amber (Early Amber Heart; Rivers Early Amber Heart).—Above medium size, heart-shaped. Skin pale amber, with a flush of red next the sun. Stalk two inches long. Flesh pale yellow, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. Beginning of July.

Early Black. See Blaclc Heart. Early Duke. See May Duke.

Early May (Small May; Indulle; Nain Precoce).— Small, round, slightly flattened. Skin lively light red. Stalk an inch long, slender, deeply set. Flesh soft, juicy, and acid. Middle of June.

Early May Duke. See May Duke.

Early Prolific.—Above medium size, obtuse-heart-shaped. Skin pale amber, mottled with crimson. Stalk two inches long. Flesh tolerably firm, juicy, rich, sweet, and delicious. End of June.

Early Purple Gean (Early Purple Griotte; German May Duke).—Large, obtuse heart-shaped, slightly flat-tened on one side. Skin shining, dark purple, almost black. Stalk slender, from two to two and a half inches long. Flesh dark purple, tender, and very juicy, with a very sweet and rich flavour. Ripe in the middle of June.

Early Purple Griotte. See Early Purple Gean.

Early Richmond. See Kentish.

Elkhorn. See Tradescant's Heart,

Elton. — Large, and heart-shaped. Skin thin, pale yellow in the shade, but mottled and streaked with bright red next the sun. Stalk two inches long, slender. Flesh hall tender, juicy, very rich and luscious. Early in July.