Indulle. See Early May.

Jeffreys' Duke (Cherry Duke of Duhamel; Jeffreys' Royal; Royale).— Medium sized, round, and a little flattened, produced upon stalks of about an inch long, which are united in clusters on one common peduncle half an inch long. Skin deep red, changing to black as it attains maturity. Flesh red, firm, very juicy, rich, and highly flavoured. The juice is quite sweet, and not acid, like the May Duke. Ripe the beginning and middle of July.

Joc-o-sot.—Large and handsome, somewhat obtusely heart-shaped, compressed on the sides, and deeply in-dented at the apex. Skin shining, of a deep brownish-black colour. Stalk two inches long. Flesh dark brownish-red, tender, juicy, rich, and sweet. Middle of July.

Kennicott.—Large, roundish-heart-shaped, and com-pressed on the sides. Skin of a fine amber yellow, con-siderably mottled with deep glossy red. Flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, rich, and sweet. Beginning and middle of August.

Kentish (Common Red; Early Richmond; Pie Cherry; Sussex; Virginian May).—Medium sized, round. Skin bright red. Stalk an inch and a quarter long, stout, deeply set, and adhering so firmly to the stone, that the latter may be drawn out. Flesh acid. For kitchen purposes. Middle and end of July.

Kirtland's Mammoth. See Mammoth.

Kirtland's Mary. See Mary.

Knevett's Late Bigarreau. See Florence.

Knight's Early Black.—Large, and obtuse heart-shaped, irregular, and uneven. Skin black. Stalk two inches long, deeply inserted. Flesh, purple, tender, juicy, and richly flavoured. End of June and beginning of July.