Harrison's Heart (White Bigarreau).—Very large, distinctly heart-shaped, and uneven in its outline. Skin at first of a yellowish white, but becoming all over mottled with red. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh firm, but less so than the Bigarreau, rich, and deliciously flavoured. Middle and end of July.

Herefordshire Black. See Corone.

Herefordshire Heart. See Gascoigne's Heart.

Hogg's Black Gean.—Medium sized, obtuse heart-shaped. Skin black and shining. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh dark, very tender, richly flavoured, and very sweet. Beginning of July.

Hogg's Red Gean.—Medium sized, roundish, inclining to heart-shaped. Skin red, freckled with amber yellow. Stalk an inch and a half long. Mesh yellowish, very tender and juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. Beginning of July.

Hybrid de Laeken. See Heine Hortense.