Mammoth (Kirtland's Mammoth).—Very large, often an inch and an eighth in diameter; obtuse heart-shaped. Skin clear yellow, flushed and marbled with red. Stalk an inch and a quarter long. Flesh half-tender, juicy, sweet, and very richly flavoured. Middle and end of July. This is a magnificent cherry.

Manning's Mottled.—Above medium size, obtusely heart-shaped, and flattened on one side. Skin amber coloured, finely mottled, and flushed with red, somewhat translucent and shining. Stalk slender, two inches long. Flesh yellow, tender, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. Middle of July.

Marcelin. See Monstrous Heart.

Mary (Kirtland's Mary). — Large, roundish-heart-shaped, and handsome. Skin very much mottled with deep, rich red on a yellow ground, and, when much ex-posed to the sun, almost entirely of a rich glossy red. Stalk from one inch and a half to two inches long. Flesh pale yellow, firm, rich, and juicy, with a sweet and high flavour. Middle and end of July. This is a very beautiful and very fine cherry.

May Duke (Duke; Early Duke; Early May Duke; Angleterre Hative; Royale Hative).—Large, roundish, inclining to oblate. Skin at first of a red-cornelian colour, but gradually becoming dark red, and ultimately almost black, as it ripens. Stalk about an inch and a half long. Flesh red, tender, juicy, and richly flavoured, with a fine, subdued acidulous smack. Beginning of July.

De Meruer. See Heine Hortense.

Merveille de Hollande. See Reine Hortense.

Merveille de Septembre. See Tardive de Mans

Milan. See Morello.

Monstrous Heart(Bigarreau Gros Caeuret; Bigarreau Jaboulais; Bigarreau Gaboulais; Bigarreau de Lyons; Bigarreau Gros Monstrueux; Bigarreau Monstrueux de Mezel; Marcelin; Gros Caeuret; Ward's Bigarreau).— Very large, obtuse heart-shaped. Skin at first yellowish, tinged and streaked with red, but changing to a deep, sinning red, and approaching to black the longer it hangs. Stalk one inch and a half to two inches long, stout. Flesh purplish, firm, and juicy, with a rich and excellent flavour. Ripe the middle and end of July.

Monstrueuse de Bavay. See Reine Hortense.

Monstrueuse de Jodoigne. See Heine Hortense.

Montmorency. See Gros Gobet.

Montmorency a Courte Queue. See Gros Gobet.

Morello (Black Morello; Dutch Morello; Late Morello; Ronalds' Large Morello; Milan). — Large, roundish, inclining to heart-shape. Skin dark red, be-coming almost black the longer it hangs. Stalk an inch and a half to two inches long. Flesh purplish red, tender, juicy, and pleasantly sub-acid. Used for culinary purposes. July and August.

Morestein. See Reine Hortense.

Nain Precoce. See Early May.

Nouvelle d'Angleterre. See Carnation.