Ohio Beauty. — Large, obtuse heart-shaped. Skin pale yellow, overspread with red. Mesh pale, tender, brisk, and juicy. Beginning of July.

Osceola.—Above medium size, heart-shaped, and with a deep suture on one side. Skin dark purplish-red, almost black. Stalk about two inches long. Flesh liver coloured, tender, very juicy, rich, and sweet. Middle and end of July.

Ostheim.—Large, roundish-oblate, compressed on one side. Skin red, changing to very dark red as it ripens. Stalk an inch and a half to two inches long. Flesh dark red, tender, and juicy, with a pleasant, sweet, and subacid flavour. An excellent preserving cherry, not so acid as the Morello. End of July.

Ounce Cherry. See Tobacco-Leaved.

Ox Heart (Bullock's Heart; Lion's Heart).—Large, obtuse heart-shaped, flattened on one side. Skin shining, dark purplish-red. Stalk two inches long. Flesh somewhat firm, dark red, with a brisk and pleasant flavour, which is considerably richer when the fruit is highly ripened. End of July.

Paramdam (Baramdam).—Small and round, not quite half an inch in diameter. Skin pale red. Stalk an inch long. Flesh pale, tender, with an agreeable and lively acidity. End of July. The tree is of very diminutive growth; one in my possession, not less than 100 years old, being little more than seven feet high, and the stem not so thick as a man's arm.

De Palembre. See Belle de Choisy.

Pie Cherry. See Kentish.

Pontiac.—Large, obtuse heart-shaped, compressed on the sides. Skin dark purplish-red, nearly black. Stalk an inch and a half to two inches long. Flesh purplish red, half-tender, juicy, sweet, and agreeable. The latter end of July.

Powhattan. — Medium sized, roundish-heart-shaped, compressed on the sides, uneven in its outline. Skin brownish red and glossy. Stalk two inches long. Flesh rich purplish-red, half-tender, juicy, sweet, but not highly flavoured. End of July.

Quatre a la Livre. See Tobacco-Leaved.