Ratafia (Brune de Bruxelles).—Medium sized, round, and a little flattened at both ends. Skin dark brown, nearly black, and very shining. Stalk an inch and a half to two inches long. Flesh dark red, tender, and juicy, with a brisk acid flavour, which becomes subdued the longer it hangs on the tree. August.

Bed Heart. See Gascoigne's Heart.

Reine Hortense (D'Aremberg; Belle Audigeoise; Belle de Bavay; Belle de Laeken; Belle de Prapeau; Belle de Petit Brie; Belle Supreme; Grosse de Wagnelee; Hybrid de Laeken; Louis XVIII.; Lemercier; De Meruer; Merveille de Hollande; Monstrueuse de Bavay; Monstrueuse de Jodoigne; Morestein; Rouvroy; Seize a la Livre).—Very large, one inch and one-twelfth long and an inch wide, oblong, and compressed on the sides. Skin very thin and translucent, at first pale red, but assuming a bright cornelian red, and changing to dark brilliant red the longer it hangs. Stalk very slender, about two inches long. Flesh yellow, netted, very tender, and very juicy, with a sweet and agreeably acidulous juice. Middle of July.

Bed Jacket. — Large, heart-shaped. Skin amber, covered with pale red, but when fully exposed entirely covered with bright red. Stalk two inches long, slender. Flesh half-tender, juicy, and of good, but not high, flavour. Beginning and middle of August. Valuable for its lateness.

Rivers' Early Amber Heart. See Early Amber.

Rockport bigarreau.—Large, obtuse heart-shaped, uneven in its outline, and with a swelling on one side. Skin pale amber, covered with brilliant deep red, mottled and dotted with carmine. Stalk an inch to an inch and a half long. Flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. Beginning and middle of July.

Ronalds' Black. See Black Tartarian.

Ronalds' Large Morello. See Morello.

Rouge Pale. See Carnation.

Rouvroy. See Reine Hortense.

Royal Duke (Donna Maria).—Large, oblate, and handsomely shaped. Skin deep, shining red, but never becoming black, like the May Duke. Stalk an inch and a half long. Flesh reddish, tender, juicy, and richly flavoured. Middle of July.

Royale. See Jeffreys Duke.

Royale Hative. See May Duke.