St. Margaret's. See Tradescant's Heart.

Seize a la Livre. See Heine Hortense.

Shannon Morello.—Above medium size, round, and flattened at the stalk. Skin dark purplish red. Stalk long and slender. Flesh tender, reddish purple, juicy, and acid. August.

Sheppard's Bedford Prolific. See Black Tartarian.

Small May. See Early May.

De Soissons.—Medium sized, roundish, inclining to heart-shaped, and somewhat flattened at the apex. Skin dark red. Stalk not more than an inch long. Flesh red, tender, and juicy, with a brisk and pleasant subacid flavour. A good cherry for culinary purposes. Ripe in the middle and end of July.

Spanish Heart. See Black Heart.

Sparhawk's Honey (Sparrowhawk's Honey).—Medium sized, obtuse heart-shaped, and very regular in shape. Skin thin, of a beautiful, glossy, pale amber, becoming a lively red when fully ripe, and somewhat translucent. Stalk of moderate length, rather slender. Flesh pale, juicy, and sweet. Middle of July.

Spotted Bigarreau. See Bigarreau de Hollande.

Sussex. See Kentish.