Tardive de Mans (Merveille de Septembre).—Small, ovate, flattened at the stalk. Skin smooth and shining, clear red in the shade, and mottled with purplish red where exposed. Flesh firm, sweet, juicy, and nicely flavoured. This, like Belle Agathe, hangs very late, but it is not so large nor so good as that variety.

Tecumseh.—Above medium size, obtuse heart-shaped, flattened on one side. Skin reddish purple, or dark brownish-red, mottled with red. Flesh reddish purple, half-tender, very juicy and sweet, but not highly fla-voured. Middle and end of August. Valuable as a late variety.

Tobacco-Leaved (Four-to-the-Pound; Ounce Cherry; Quatre a la Livre).—Rather below medium size, heart-shaped, and somewhat flattened on one side, and terminating at the apex in a curved fleshy point. Skin thin, pale amber, mottled and spotted with red. Stalk slender, two inches long. Flesh pale-amber coloured, firm, juicy, and with a sweet, rich flavour. Beginning of August. Leaves nearly a foot long.

Tradescant's Heart {Elkhorn; St. Margaret's; Large Black Bigarreau; Bigarreau Gros Noir; Guigne Noire Tardive).—Of the largest size, obtuse heart-shaped, in-dented and uneven on its surface, and considerably flat-tened next the stalk; on one side marked with the suture. Skin at first dark red, but changing when fully ripe to dark blackish-purple. Stalk slender, an inch and a half to an inch and three quarters long. Flesh dark purple, adhering firmly to the stone, firm, sweet, and briskly sub-acid. End of July and beginning of August.

Transparent Gean.—Small, regularly heart-shaped. Skin thin, transparent, and shining, pale yellow, and finely mottled with clear red. Stalk two inches long, slender. Flesh pale, tender, and juicy, with a sweet and somewhat piquant flavour. Middle and end of July.

Trempee Precoce. See Baumann's May. De Villenne. See Carnation,