Virginian May. See Kentish.

Ward's Bigarreau. See Monstrous Heart,

Waterloo.—Large, obtuse heart-shaped, depressed at the apex, and flattened on one side. Skin very dark reddish-purple, almost black, and covered with minute pale dots. Stalk an inch and a half long, very slender. Mesh light reddish-purple, but dark purple next the stone; tender and juicy, with a sweet and rather rich flavour. End of June and beginning of July.

Wax Cherry. See Carnation.

Werder's Early Black.—Very large, obtuse heart-shaped, with a deep suture on one side. Skin tough, shining, deep black-purple. Stalk short and stout, about an inch and a half long. Flesh purplish red, tender, very juicy, and with a very sweet and rich flavour. Middle and end of June.

West's White Heart. See Bigarreau.

White Bigarreau. See Harrisons Heart.

White Heart (Amber Heart; Dredge's Early White; White Transparent).—Above medium size, oblong heart-shaped. Skin whitish yellow, tinged with dull red next the sun. Stalk two inches long, slender, set in a wide cavity. Flesh half-tender, sweet, and pleasant. Stone large. End of July.

White Tartarian (Fraser's White Tartarian).— Medium sized, obtuse heart-shaped. Skin pale yellow. Stalk two inches long, slender. Flesh whitish yellow, half-tender, and sweet. Early in July.

White Transparent. See White Heart.