Savantine (Cordelliere).—Fruit round, marked along its length with prominent nerves. Skin pale yellow. Flesh pale red.

Singleton. See White Ischia.

Small Blue. See Brown Turkey.

Small Brown. See Malta.

Small Early White. See Early White.

Small White. See Early White.

Verte Brune. See Beau Dure.

Violette. See Bordeaux.

Violette de Bordeaux. See Bordeaux.

Violette Grosse (Aubique).—Large, oblong, and perhaps the longest-shaped of any of the figs; its length being three times its diameter. Skin deep violet. Flesh red.

Violette Longue. See Bordeaux.

Walton. See Brown Turkey.

White Bourjassotte (Bourjassottc Blanche).—This is extensively cultivated about Marseilles. The fruit is turbinate. Skin yellowish white. Flesh red. The tree attains a large size.

White Ischia (Green Ischia; Nerii; Singleton; Brocket Hall).—Small and turbinate. Skin pale greenish-yellow, very thin, so much so, that when fully ripe, the flesh, which is purple, shines through and gives the fruit a brownish tinge. Rich, highly flavoured, and luscious. End of August. The tree is of small habit of growth, a great bearer, well adapted for pot-culture, and forces well.

White Naples. See Marseilles.

White Standard. See Marseilles.

Yellow Ischia (Cyprus).—Large, turbinate. Skin yellow. Flesh dark red, tender and very juicy, with a rich and sugary flavour. September.