(Eil de Perdrix.—Small. Skin yellowish, with a brownish tinge, having a small, bright red circle under the surface round the eye: hence the origin of the name. Flesh white, tinged with red, rich, and highly flavoured. Tree an abundant bearer.

Peau Dure (Peldure; Verte Brune).—Medium sized, oblong ovate. Skin thick and tough, dark violet. Flesh purplish red, and well flavoured; but, when over-ripe, it acquires a little acerbity.

Peldure. See Beau Dure.

Peronne. See Brunswick.

Petite Aubique. See Bordeaux.

Pocock's. See Marseilles.

Precoce Noire. See Black Bourjassotte.

Pregussata.— Small, round, compressed at the ends. Skin purplish brown in the shade; dark brown, covered with pale spots, next the sun. Flesh deep red, rich, and luscious. August to October. Well adapted for forcing.

Purple. See Brown Turkey.

Baby Castle. — A variety closely resembling Mar-seilles, but distinguished from it by having a longer stalk.

Red. See Brunswick.

Ronde Noire. See Black Ischia.

Rose. See Brunswick.

Rose Beyronne. See Brunswick.

Rose Blanche. See Brunswick.