Madeleine. See Angelique.

Madonna. See Brunswick.

Malta (Small Brown).— Small, roundish-turbinate, compressed at the apex. Skin pale brown, when fully ripe. Flesh the same colour as the skin; very sweet, and well flavoured. End of August. If allowed to hang till it shrivels, it becomes quite a sweetmeat.

Marseillaise. See Marseilles.

Marseilles (Ford's Seedling; Pocock's; White Mar-seilles; White Naples; White Standard; D'Athenes; Blanche; Marseillaise).—Medium sized, roundish-turbi-nate, slightly depressed, and ribbed. Skin yellowish white. Flesh white, very melting and juicy, with a rich, sugary flavour. Ripe in August. One of the best for forcing; and also succeeds well in the open air against a wall.

Murrey. See Brown Turkey.

Negro d'Espagne. See Black Genoa.

Nerii. See While Ischia. There is no fig bearing this name distinct from "White Ischia; and the variety Mr. Knight introduced under that designation was the same. By the name "Nerii," is intended the "Nero," or Black Fig, of the Italians, and the variety Mr. Knight received under that name was evidently incorrect; the true Fico Nero being the Black Ischia, and not the White Ischia.

Nero. See Black Ischia.

Noire de Languedoc. See Black Genoa.