Chestnut-coloured Ischia. See Brown Ischia.

Clementine. See Brunswick.

Common Purple. See Brown Turkey.

Cyprus. See Yellow Ischia.

Early. See Brown Turkey.

Early Purple. See Black Ischia.

Early Violet.—Small, roundish. Skin brownish red, covered with blue bloom. Flesh red, and well flavoured. August. Tree hardy, and an abundant bearer; well adapted for pots and for forcing, when, according to Mr. Rivers, it bears three crops in one season.

Early White (Small White; Small Early White).— Fruit roundish-turbinate, somewhat flattened at the apex. Skin thin, pale yellowish white. Flesh white, sweet, but not highly flavoured. August.

Figue-Poire. See Bordeaux.

Fleur Rouge. See Brown Turkey.

Ford's Seedling. See Marseilles.

Hanover. See Brunswick.

Howick. See Brown Turkey.

Italian. See Brown Turkey.

Jerusalem. See Brown Turkey.

Large Blue. See Brown Turkey.

•Large White Genoa. — Large, roundish-turbinate. Skin thin, of a pale yellowish colour, when fully ripe. Flesh red throughout, and of excellent flavour. End of August. This is a variety of first-rate excellence, but the tree is a bad bearer.

Large White Turkey. See Brunswick.

Lee's Perpetual. See Brown Turkey.

Long Naples. See Brown Turkey.