Keens' Seedling (Keens' Seedling Warrington).— Medium sized, oblong. Skin brownish red, hairy. Of first-rate quality. Bush pendulous; a great bearer, and earlier than Red Warrington.

Lancashire Lad (Hartshorn's), l.p. — Large and roundish. Skin dark red, and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush erect, and a good bearer.

Lancashire Lass. See Whitesmith (Woodward's).

Laurel (Parkinson's), l.p. (Green Laurel; Green Willow).—Large and obovate. Skin pale green, and downy. A first-rate variety, somewhat resembling Woodward's Whitesmith. Bush erect, and a good bearer.

Lay's Jolly Angler. See Jolly Anglers (Collier's).

Leader. — Large and round. Skin yellow, rather thick and smooth. Flavour excellent. Greatest weight 23 dwts. 20 grs.

Lion's Provider.—Large and oval. Skin rather thick, hairy, dark red, and somewhat transparent. Flavour sweet and brisk. Greatest weight 25 dwts. 8 grs.

Lord Combermere (Forester's), l.p.—Large and obo-vate. Skin yellow, and smooth. Of second-rate quality. Bush spreading.

Magistrate (Diggles'), l.p.—Large and obovate. Skin red, and downy. A first-rate variety. Bush spreading.

Miss Bold (Pigeon's Egg).—Medium sized, roundish. Skin red, and downy. Of first-rate quality, and early; it somewhat resembles Red Walnut, but is better. Bush spreading.

Moss' Seedling. See Red Warrington.

Murrey. See Red Walnut.

Nonpareil. See Green Walnut.                         

Nutmeg. See Raspberry.

Old England (Rider's), l.p.—Large and roundish-oblong. Skin dark red, and smooth. Of second-rate quality, resembling Wilmot's Early Red. Bush pendulous.

Old Preserver. See Raspberry.

Over-All (Bratherton's), l.p. — Large and oblong. Skin red, and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush pendulous.