Hairy Amber. See Yellow Champagne.

Hairy Black. See Ironmonger.

Hairy Bed (Barton's).—Small and roundish. Skin thick, red, and slightly hairy. Briskly and well flavoured. Bush erect, and an excellent bearer.

Hall's Seedling. See Whitesmith (Woodward's).

Heart of Oak (Massey's), l.p.—Large and oblong, tapering to the stalk. Skin thin, green, with yellowish veins. Rich and excellent. Bush pendulous, and an abundant bearer.

Hebburn Prolific.—Medium sized, roundish. Skin rather thick, dull green, and hairy. Very rich and sweet. Bush erect, with broad, thick leaves, and an abundant bearer.

Hedgehog. — Medium sized, roundish. Skin thin, white, and hairy. A richly-flavoured variety. Bush erect; the shoots thickly set with small briskly spines. This name is also applied to Glenton Green, in Scotland.

Husbandman (Foster's), l.p. — Large and obovate. Skin yellow, and downy. Of second-rate quality. Bush erect.

Independent (Brigg's), l.p. — Large and obovate. Skin green and smooth. Of second-rate quality. Bush erect, and a good bearer.

Invincible (Heywood's), l.p.—Large and roundish-oblong. Skin yellow, and downy. Of second-rate quality. Bush erect.

Irish Plum.— Medium sized, roundish. Skin dark red, and hairy. A first-rate dessert sort. Bush erect.

Ironmonger (Hairy Black).— Small and roundish. Skin red, and hairy. A first-rate variety, of excellent flavour, but inferior to Red Champagne, which is also known under this name chiefly in Scotland; and from which it is distinguished in having rounder and darker red fruit, and a spreading bush.—that of the Red Champagne being erect; leaves downy.

Jolly Anglers (Collier's), l.p. (Lay's Jolly Angler).— Large and oblong. Skin green, and downy. Of first-rate quality, and a good late sort. Bush erect.

Jolly Tar (Edwards'), l.p.—Large and obovate. Skin green, and smooth. Of first-rate quality. Bush pendulous, and a good bearer.