Glenton Green (York Seedling). — Medium sized, oblong, narrowest at the base. Skin rather thick, very hairy, green, and with whitish veins. Of a sweet and an excellent flavour. Bush pendulous, and an excellent bearer. Young shoots downy, and sprinkled near the base with small prickles. Leaves downy above.

Glory of Kingston.—Medium sized, roundish. Skin smooth, and green. Not highly flavoured. Bush spreading, and a bad bearer.

Glory of Ratcliff (Allen's).—Medium sized, oblong. Skin thick, quite smooth, and light green. Of excellent flavour, and sweet. Bush spreading and somewhat pen-dulous, and a good bearer.

Golden Ball. See Early Sulphur.

Golden Bull. See Early Sulphur.

Golden Drop (Golden Lemon). — Medium sized, roundish. Skin downy, and yellow. Of second-rate quality. Bush erect.

Golden Fleece (Part's), l.p.—Very large, oval. Skin yellow, and hairy. Of first-rate quality.

Golden Gourd (Hill's), l.p.—Very large and oblong. Skin greenish yellow, and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush pendulous.

Golden Lemon. See Golden Drop.

Governess (Bratherton's), l.p. — Large, roundish-oblong. Skin greenish white, and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush spreading.

Green Gage (Horsefield's), l.p.—Large and roundish. Skin green and smooth. Flavour only third-rate. Bush spreading.

Green Gascoigne (Early Green; Early Green Hairy). —Small and round. Skin thin, dark green, and hairy. Very early, and sweet. Bush very erect, and an excellent bearer.

Green Laurel. See Laurel.

Green Walnut (Belmont Green; Smooth Green, Nonpareil).—Fruit medium sized, obovate. Skin very thin, dark green, and smooth. An early variety, of ex-cellent flavour. Bush with long-spreading shoots; leaves close to the branches; and a great bearer.

Green Willow. See Laurel.

Grundy's Lady Lilford. See Whitesmith (Woodward's).