Dr. Davies' Upright. See Bed Champagne.

Double Bearing. See Red Walnut (Eckersley's).

Duck "Wing (Buerdsill's), l.p. — Large and obovate. Skin yellow, and smooth. A late variety, and only of second-rate quality. Bush erect.

Early Black.—Medium sized, oblong. Skin dark red, and hairy. A second-rate variety. Bush pendulous.

Early Rough Red.—Small, roundish-oblong. Skin red, and hairy. A well-flavoured variety, but not first-rate. Bush spreading.

Early Sulphur (Golden Ball; Golden Bull; Moss's Seedling).—Medium sized, roundish-oblong. Skin yel-low, and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush erect, very early, and a great bearer; leaves downy.

Early White.—Medium sized, roundish-oblong. Skin thin, transparent, yellowish white, and slightly downy. Very sweet, good, and early. A first-rate variety. Bush spreading and erect; an excellent bearer.

Emperor Napoleon (Rival's), l.p.—Large and obo-vate. Skin red, and smooth. A second-rate variety. Bush pendulous, and a good bearer.

Farmer's Glory (Berry's), l.p.—Very large and obo-vate. Skin thick, downy, and dark red, with a mixture of green. A first-rate variety, and of excellent flavour. Bush pendulous, and an abundant bearer.

Favourite (Bates'). — Medium sized, oblong. Skin smooth, and green. Flavour second-rate. Bush pendu-lous.

Freedom.—Large and oval. Skin thin, smooth, greenish-white, with streaks of red on the side next the sun. Flavour sweet and good. Greatest weight 22 dwts. 22 grs.