Abraham Newland (Jackson's), l.p.—Large and oblong. Skin white and hairy. Highly flavoured and excellent. Bush erect.

Amber (Yellow Amber; Smooth Amber). — Medium sized, roundish. Skin smooth, greenish yellow. Of good flavour, but not first-rate. Bush a good bearer; spread-ing.

Aston. See Red Warrington.

Aston Seedling. See Red Warrington.

Atlas (Brundrett's), l.p.—Large, oblong. Skin red, hairy. Of good flavour, but not first-rate. Bush erect.

Beauty of England (Hamlet's), l.p.—Large and ob-long. Skin red, hairy. Of good flavour. Bush spreading.

Belmont's Green. See Green Walnut.

Bonny Lass (Capper's), l.p.—Large, oblong. Skin white and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush spreading.

Bright Venus (Taylor's), l.p.—Medium sized, obo-vate. Skin slightly hairy, white, and covered with a bloom when it hangs long. Sugary, rich, and excellent, and hangs till it shrivels. Bush rather erect, and a good bearer.

British Prince. See Prince Regent (Boardman's).

Champagne, Red (Dr. Davies' Upright; Countess of Errol).—Rather small and oblong, tapering a little towards the stalk. Skin rather thick, light red, and hairy. Early. One of the richest flavoured of all the gooseber-ries; vinous, and very sweet. Bush very erect, and an excellent bearer. This is frequently, and in Scotland particularly, called "the Ironmonger."

Cheshire Lass (Saunders'), l.p.—Large and oblong. Skin very thin, downy, and white. Flavour rich and sweet. Bush erect, and a good bearer. Excellent for tarts, on account of its early attaining a size for that purpose.

Crown Bob (Melling's), l.p.—Very large and oblong. Skin thin, hairy, bright red, with a greenish tinge toward the stalk. Of good flavour, and a first-rate variety. Bush pendulous, and an abundant bearer.

Crystal.—Small and roundish. Skin thick, smooth, or very slightly downy, and white. Of good flavour, and chiefly valuable for coming in late. Bush spreading, and rather pendulous; leaves not hairy above.

Companion.—Large, roundish-oval. Skin hairy, of a pale red colour in the shade, and brownish-red next the sun. Flavour very rich and excellent.

This is one of the best gooseberries, combining size and flavour. Its greatest weight is 26 dwts. 8 grs.