§ Hound or Roundish.

A.  Skin smooth.                              c. Skin hairy. Crystal Hedgehog

White Rasp                             Royal White

B.  Skin downy.                Snowball (Adams') Early White

§§ Oblong, oval, or obovate.

A. Skin smooth.                    Queen Caroline (Lovart's)

Lady Delamere (Wild's)              White Eagle (Cooke's)

Lionness (Fennyhaugh's)             White Fig

B. Skin downy.                              C. Skin hairy.

Cheshire Lass (Saunders')         Abraham Newland

Sheba Queen (Crompton's)       Bonny Lass (Capper's)

Wellington's Glory                   Bright Venus (Taylors)

White Lily                               Governess (Bratherton's)

White Lion (Cleworth's)          Lady of the Manor (Hopley's)

Whitesmith (Woodward's)       Princess Royal

White Champagne

Those varieties marked l.p. are of very large size, and are known as "Lancashire Prize Gooseberries." For the whole of these descriptions I am indebted to the Horticultural Society's Catalogue, as I have had no opportunity of personally examining this portion of the fruits of Great Britain.